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Our Rooms

14 Rooms – All in hostel

The most comfortable rooms

Double-bed room

1 Room

2 Guests

The view from the room extends to Savski Trg and the monument to S. Nemanja.

Private double rooms

4 Rooms


3 rooms are equipped with a double bed, and one room has two bunk beds.

Two-bed room

2 Rooms

2 Guests

We have two double rooms with shared bathroom. There is a bunk bed.

Triple rooms

2 Rooms

3 Guests

The hostel has two triple rooms with a bunk bed and an extended lower bed.

Four-bed rooms

3 Rooms

4 Guests


We own 3 quadruple rooms, with bunk beds.Each room has a 4 lockers for things.

Six-bed room

1 Room

6 Guests


The room is equipped with six bunk beds. Every guest has his own locker.

Eight-bed room

1 Room

8 Guests


The room is equipped with eight bunk beds. There are 8 lockers in the room for luggage storage.